Custom Shaker Bottles

What is the best workout shaker bottle?

I will categorize the shaker bottles into some categories:

  1. Simple Shaker Bottle: If you simply want to come home after workout and add some protein to your shaker and just drink, you don’t need a trendy shaker bottle. Just choose a low cost one.
  2. A Bit Trendy Shaker: If you take your supplement to your gym, or want to have a slightly cool shaker bottle then choose a trendy one.
  3. Bottles with compartment: Some bottles come with a Separate compartment to store protein shakes. There are handy if you carry your supplement with you to the gym.
  4. Bottles with Capsule Cabinet: If you are one of those pill galloper, then use a shaker bottle with capsule cabinet. These have capsules space of each day of the week where you can organise your capsules in advance.
  5. Bottles with Blender balls: Blender balls help blend a shake especially thick concentrated mass gainers or an amalgamation of various types of supplements. If your protein shake is not delivering you the Mixability you desire, just make sure that the bottle you use has a blender ball in it.

You can get all these kinds of shakers here.

Thankfully there are no Fake shakers so you can buy them anywhere.

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