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Promote Fitness With Custom Shaker Bottles

When your office days are jam-packed, it can be tricky to find both the time and motivation to get moving. When your workplace is a gym, you need to feel appreciated because you get inspiration everyday! Gym is a very sacred place and it is not just about looking hot but it keeps your body and mind both healthy.

So, when you are trying to promote fitness at your work, it is going to give you some perspective which you were not aware of as well. Did you know using protein shakes with custom shaker bottles is beneficial during workout sessions? Let’s find some more interesting facts to promote fitness:

1. 63% of office workers are concerned with the amount of time they sit at work. There are also people in the corporate jungle where people spend more than 15 hours sitting each day. Too much sedentary time can lead to health problems, including heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and stroke.

2. Every doctor and health experts recommend getting 1/2 hours of physical activity each week. This physical activity helps people to become more active and engaging. So, use your fitness accessories and head to the gym as fast as possible.

3. Celebrate employees’ progress with custom shaker bottles. Activity trackers are a great way to stay a step ahead always. It encourages you to be more active, highly collaborative, competitive and activity trackers can bring a little fun to your fitness and wellness program as well.

Are you ready to hit the gym? Don’t forget to bring along your custom shaker bottleswith protein shakes and your iPod and headphones!

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