Custom Shaker Bottles

How are shaker bottles manufactured?

Hi This is water shaker bottle china.We are the biggest shaker bottle manufacturer in china.We’ve been making shaker bottle for 10 years.

I could show you how a shaker bottle been manufactured.

1.Produce Bottle body,Most of the shaker bottle body use injection molding machine.Most of the lid and small cap is also use the same machine just different mould.

2.Print logo.Normally we have two print skills.Silk print and UV print.Silk print will be cheap but can’t wash in dish-washing machine.UV print is better but more expensive.The logo is printed by uv skill touched like folds in design.And can be wash in the dish-washing machine.Most of the shaker bottle is use UV print.Tip:Next time you walked into a shop to buy a shaker touch the logo first if there is a folds then it can be in dish washing.

3.After print there is a Necessary procedure.Which we called’Pass the the light” it will help the logo tough on top of the shaker

4.Then Pack.It’s easy.Most of client will use opp bags.And also have indiviual color box or other packing way.

In the shaker bottle market.There is three company who is the boss.

Blender bottle,patent King.Any other company copy their design. Die

Smart bottle/Perfect shaker:Their also have the patent design.But blender bottle is still the king.

And tips:Their factory is all in china.

Because some confidential issues cannot be disclosed too much.

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