Custom Shaker Bottles

An Ideal and Trustable Spray Water Bottle Supplier

An Ideal and Trustable Spray Water Bottle Supplier

Dear customer we are an experienced manufacturer of spray water bottle. Bottles are being manufactured in multi color and various sizes. All products we manufacture are fully tested for the quality before being delivered in market.

Spray water bottle supplier- A few key features are listed here:

Portable: Unique design makes the bottle fit comfortably in your hand, and your fingers rest easily on the trigger. Small hand sprayer with adjustable nozzle is ideal for house plants and light spray. Very light and easy to use and carry.

Safe Material: Fashion modeling, non-toxic, environmental protection and health. Made of quality material it has a hermetic seal that will prevent any liquid from dripping.

Multi-Purpose: Ideal for a variety of applications such as payment plants and flowers, fog sheets and cleaning windows. Ideal for gardening, water toys, sandbox and beach fun with characters to all children.

Other Applications: The bottle for home cleaning solutions, hair care products, gardens and plants, pet training and more.

Leak-Proof: Leak-proof sprinklers feature a long-lasting polypropylene head, tight and secure so that it does not fog up and there is no leakage.


High quality product.

Hand sprayer with pump action trigger.

Convenient size.

Easy to remove from any tap.

Versatile nozzle adaptable to use.

Fresh sprayer even on your skin.

Ideal for domestic use and garden.

Easy to rotate lid for easy filling.

It can be used indoors or anywhere you want.

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