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The Advantages of the Cold Press Blender and its Manufacturers

The Advantages of the Cold Press Blender and its Manufacturers

Our cold pressing blender is the great ally of this summer to enjoy the fruit in juices and smoothies without losing properties. The blender bottle wholesale have arrived to unseat the classic centrifuge blender. And it is that although it seems that the only thing that distinguishes them is their surname, the result has nothing to do.The first big advantage of the cold press blender is its operation. Our juice extractor uses a helical mill that presses the fruit at very low temperatures, which promotes the conservation of the nutrients since it does not oxidize the fruit. The cold press blender and the blender have several differences, such as weight and volume. The first one is somewhat heavier although its volume is smaller, which favors its storage in any kitchen cabinet or is a minor inconvenience if we decide to have it always at hand and ready to be used. Another of the great advantages of our cold press blender is that it is quieter. This is because the power of it is lower; therefore, in addition to putting less noise consumes less energy.

Cold Pressing Blender, a perfect result

The truth is that there are several details that distinguish our blender from cold pressing of other blenders, but if one should highlight one would undoubtedly be the result. The juice or shake obtained from the cold press blender, by not discarding the pulp, keeps intact all the properties and enzymes of the fruit and vegetables. In addition, using the same number of pieces, the juice or smoothie obtained with the cold press blender is much higher. Some may think that it matters more quality than quantity, and they are absolutely right. In fact, in addition to obtaining more quantity, since it does not affect the properties of the product, the quality of the result is also better. As for the durability of our manufactured product, the juice or shake obtained from our cold press blender is preserved in better conditions for longer, thanks to its extraction system that does not oxidize the food.

We are manufacture and we can do OEM and ODM Blender Bottle for your client and can accept for small orders. The bottles are ok to do any color according to your pantone number . We can print any logo on the bottle body according to client's artwork. We will offer our client free existed samples.

We have FDA and LFGB test report for our products.

Our factory can accept any factory audit.

Our bottles are sold in Walmart , Biglots, Loblwas, ALDI and so on.

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